• Georgia Sophie Freeman was born August 2nd, 1971 in Cyprus to Israeli-born Englishman James Michael  Freeman and Greek-Cypriot Irene Drymiotis, hotel and restaurant owners. After losing their property in the 1974 Turkish invasion the family moved to their London home and opened an antique shop in Bond St. Mayfair where they became renowned dealers and members of Lapada and Cinoa. Georgia and her husband Anthony continue the business till today.

    Her love for the arts began at the tender age of four where Georgia took ballet lessons and continued until her early 20’s. As a teenager, she contributed as a model in numerous television commercials and took part in her high school musical and drama productions. Georgia finished The Cavendish School for girls in London and later graduated The Falcon School in Cyprus. Georgia then returned to England to attend The American College of London for her foundation year and then the University of Westminster where she completed her CAM Diploma in advertising, marketing, and public relations. Georgia is fluent in English and Greek, and at the age of twenty published her first poetry book and received an honor from the Cypriot government as the first female Poet in thirty years. The British Council purchased 150 books for their library.

    After her first marriage failed Georgia enrolled herself at The New York Film Academy where she received her Diploma in Screenwriting. It was there in New York city where her passion for acting emerged and she made an independent short film, 'The Exchange' with Director Claude Kerven Chairman of the Film making program at NYFA who directed various episodes of Saturday Night live SNL with Eddie Murphy and co-wrote Mortal thoughts a film that cast Harvey Keitel, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

    Freeman plays the leading role about a young single mother with terminal kidney failure alongside accomplished actor and performance coach Glenn Kalison, President of Relativity School a division of Relativity Studios in Hollywood, previously Chair. Acting Film Program at NYFA and cited an industry authority by CNN and The Wall Street Journal.
    Kalison has appeared in various episodes of Law and order and The Good Shepard with Robert De Niro making it an honor for her to work with these men who are rated highly in their fields of expertise.

    Georgia co-wrote the screenplay with Claude Kerven and was Executive Producer and Set Designer for her film of which she is proud. Georgia with an innate ability as an amateur country-rock singer and songwriter is currently recording a few songs, now in post-production. 

    A Burning Memoir, her second collection of poems has been completed and she is hopeful to be discovered by a reputable Literary Agent to publish her work as well as option her recent Dramatic screenplay.

    Georgiahas been working closely with her friend and mentor Hollywood Producer Barry Navidi who is the business partner and independent Film Producer to living legend Al Pacino for the last 14 years. Barry Navidi also produced 'The Merchant of Venice' and 'Salome' with his close friend Al Pacino.

    Georgia has been given the challenging and difficult task by Barry Navidi to raise funds both for start-up and for Production from Private Investors based on equity funding for the upcoming Motion Picture starring Al Pacino in the new Shakespeare adaptation 'King Lear', it is her admiration and loyalty that drives her and a thirst for the arts that reflects with passion in her work.



    Gender            Female
    Height             5 feet 7 inch
    Weight            109 lb
    Average          27-43
    Hair color        Brunette
    Hair length      Long
    Eyes               Blue-green
    Ethnicity         Caucasian
    Physique        Slender Audrey type
    Bust               34C
    Voice             Timbre husky
    Dancing, R&B, Singing, Driving
    Dialects: British posh, American, Australian, Cockney, Pakistani, Cartoon voice overs


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